Baby Bears

The Baby Bear Program is for babies from 6 weeks to 12 months old.

The staff to child ratio for this age group is 1:4.


Program Details:


  • Our program is meant to be an extension of your home. We provide a warm, safe and stimulating environment with caring attention and affection.

  • There is no set schedule for infants. The child creates his/her own activities, eating, and sleeping times. Our staff will meet each child’s needs on an individual basis.

  • Each child is assigned their own crib.

  • A daily log is kept to keep track of the infants’ activities, such as eating times, diaper changes, and rest times for the day.

  • Babies are talked to, read to and held daily.

  • Communication skills are encouraged; we teach simple sign language and spoken word.

  • Motor development is promoted daily by allowing babies to have toys that encourage the use of leg muscles to kick and stand, floor time to learn to crawl, and push behind toys to learn to walk.

  • We encourage self-feeding of finger foods, bottles and sippy cups at developmentally appropriate ages.

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