Jungle Junction

The Jungle Junction Program is for toddlers that are from 2

years old to 3 years old. The staff to child ratio is 1:6.


Program Details:


  • Children are encouraged to communicate with peers and teachers. They are encouraged to use words communicate their feelings.

  • Teachers will re-direct activities to avoid conflicts

  • Children are taught to become independent by learning self-help skills such as putting on their own coats, dressing themselves, feeding themselves, etc.

  • Potty training begins when children show signs of readiness (note: a child will not be permitted to move onto the preschool program until potty trained)

  • Children are encouraged to participate in activities to promote physical development

  • Children are encouraged to participate in circle time daily. They are taught to identify animals to their related sound, name body parts, and recognize shapes, colors, numbers and letters through repetition

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